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Friday, 24 July 2015

implement or no?

So with being pregnant, then poorly, then removing consent for a few months, it really has meant that Dd is now very different for us.

It's strange as it is like we are starting again on one hand (pub not intended) and then again we are experienced.

He is remembering how to make certain choices, like how hard to spank, with what, and if he even should at all. And I am learning how to submit and to find the courage to let him punish me.

But psychologically we are very experienced. I know what he expects and what I need and expect from him. I don't feel a need to get a reaction from him to ensure he is consistent as we all do in the early days.

His style has changed very much (thank goodness). There was a day when he used all manner of implements. He would try something and if he thought that it worked for him he would get into an implement rut!

No (thankfully) he only uses his hand...don't get me wrong, my 6foot7 man with his size 13 feet and similarly sized hands pack a punch (not actually a punch - perhaps wrong choice of phrase!)

He also told me that he has always spanked in sets of 50! how horrible is that to find out - wish he hadn't have shared.

It is very strange to start again with Dd. Strange as in I guess I now see it from the 'other side' a lot more as I was on that side for a few months.

I completely see that it looks strange from the outside. I no longer feel a need to tell others whereas that was a huge part of me and my need to talk to others.

I am in contact daily with another Dd wife who I met years ago but otherwise I am quite happy to keep it a secret. It's personal and private and I am happy to listen to and submit to my husband but that is very much my choice and I would never suggest that it is suitable for everyone.


  1. Oh goodness have a big hubby! Instead of the word 'punch' the word 'whallop' comes to mind. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. It does sound as though no implements are needed in your house! I'm glad you two seem to have found your stride again :)


  3. Sometimes implements are not needed! My husband's hand has plenty of power behind it!

  4. "I would never suggest it's for everyone."
    You did before.

    1. I am glad you have taken such interest in each of my blog posts.