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Monday, 20 July 2015

Dd of old and Dd now

Isn't it funny how different the Dd community is nowadays.

Back when we started we were following the LDD site which was new! Clint used to comment on ever single comment! I was very active all over the place in the Dd community. Fast forward 5 odd years and It's just what happens.

It does make me laugh when people new to Dd talk about curfews and internet allowances...I remember those days before everything finds it's own way and both of the couple settles into the lifestyle.

I remember really being conflicted between submission and fighting against it.

I wonder what a future of Dd has in stall!


  1. The original LDD blog was called Loving Domestic Discipline. It started out ok then the author of the blog seemed to lose his marbles and it became so abusive it was taken of the internet!
    I saw a recent interview with Clint where he mentioned they learned about DD 4 years ago. He started his blog not too long after. I think it was up about 6-8 months before the A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS) site, and that was started 3 years ago this August. Time flies! :)
    If you want to turn the calendar waaaaaaaaaaaay back, I started living a DD syle of life over 30 years ago. Before the term DD, HoH or TiH were around lol Heck, way before the internet was around! :D
    Forward quite a few years and the first ADDS discussion group was started June 26th 2005... we just had out 10th anniversary! Back then the DD Community was fractured. All the different DD discussion groups (mainly Yahoo & MSN World groups etc...) and forums had their own set of rules set by each individual group leader. It was very difficult for the newcomers back then to find definitive and concise information. Each group at some point would tell the newcomer... "You're doing it wrong!" DD as a relationship choice was highly misunderstood.
    So, I stared the first ADDS discussion group as a place where respectful, non-judgmental people could come to learn and share with one another, even if they didn't live their DD dynamic exactly the same as each other. Many phrases we hear today came from that time, like "people/couples live their DD dynamic differently" and others. We focused on commonalities instead of differences. That was very unique back then but doesn't sound very unique today, and that's how it should be! We've come a long way.
    There have been many positive changes since then.
    I love the history of the DD community, but I'll stop here before my comment becomes a book! lol

    You have a lovely blog. Another of the wonderful changes over the years, people have places like this to come and read, learn and share :)


    1. It's interesting that you say that Mr. BB, I joined your group and was slated by more than one person within a week. I left soon after. I am sure others find it a safe haven though

  2. LOL with your marriage, your version of DD will change and grow as you two change and grow.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. This community has changed a lot over the years, I guess it continues to evolve much like our relationships do :)


    1. I do miss the old days for us. I used to love Stormy's blog an dare I say, Christina's too. and the network on LDD was thriving and friendly. Everything evolves. I do like the look of the OurDDlife though!

  4. I'm conflicted right now! We are totally new to this. Eric has only spanked me once and it was kind of real... kind of fun... intriguing to say the least. Now, I've actually done something that I'm personally furious with myself about so I don't feel that he should punish me over it. I'm beating myself up enough as it is. I think if he tries anything, my anger will turn on him and then what? Ugh. What do I do? Thankfully, he's not home tonight.

    1. It is hard in the beginning. I remember not understanding why J wasn't spanking me for something I thought that he should spank me. I used to get really frustrated about it and end up playing up until he noticed me....even if I hate to admit it. I think it took me a while to realise that I needed to relax into it a bit more and to stop trying to control things from my angle. I used to be in a quandry as, on one hand I wanted to tell him, 'I think you should be cross about X' but on the other hand I didn't want to ask to be spanked. It gets easier. Try and communicate with him. Tell him how you are feeling.