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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Is anyone reading this?

Hello to anyone who has signed up to receive my blog posts.

I haven't posted for a very long time.

I took my blog offline some time ago and here's why.

I have a very difficult family dynamic, 'family' as in aunts etc.

One of these aunts who really doesn't like me is very unkind. She found my blog after my sister found it.

My sister, who I love dearly, found out about my blog some time ago. My mother, who I am not in contact with, went through my sister's web history, found my blog and hey presto!

This aunt of mine wrote a comment on my blog and that is how I found out she had found it.

She is poisonous and unkind to say the least. She has made many people unhappy over the years.

I expect she too is reading this and so I may need to change my address so that she can't see my posts. Any how I wanted to say hello to the many people who used to read my blog.

I really miss talking to others in the DD/TIH community.

Drop by some time.