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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bye bye Redbootywoman

It is sad to discover that RedBootyWoman wasn't who she claimed to be. Very sad.

It feels like a death in the Dd community.

I know a few people I have met and conversed with are very shocked to discover the truth.

I talked to her a lot on the LDD network years ago and really enjoyed her blog.

She was clearly very good at creating this life of hers.

The whole incident shook me. As it did other Dd couples that I know.

It made me reassess other blogs and other parts of the community as well as other friend's.

A friend and I even, for a time, stopped texting, our spouses were worried that we too weren't who we said we were.

It is remarkable how far reaching this lie stretched, but very very sad.

RedBootyWoman, Christina, I am sorry that you don't have the life you described. I am sorry that you don't know what it is to be happily married and a monther of so many children. I hope whoever you are and whatever you do, that you are happy. I imagine you must miss the community that you spent so many years at the heart of - quite remarkable really considering you have never been over a man's knee.


  1. I think this has shocked a lot of us and caused many of us to question who we can trust and our place in blogland. How much we share etc


  2. I was a little suspicious a long time ago because of some of her stories. Like her husband's whole family did DD. That sounded like something from the fiction spanking stories. But I'm very hurt that she lied about her daughter being sick.

    1. I have to agree. Some of her posts read too much like well-crafted fiction and I simply didn't believe them. Asking for money also set off alarm bells for me.