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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Goodbye spank free holiday

I have recently had a baby. 12 months ago I had a baby. That means that there was only three months between my pregnancies. That in turn means that I haven't been spanked very much in 18 months!

Due to medical reasons I won't be having any more babies, having had three weeks with three small children I am not sure I could do anyway.

In an hour my darling man gets home and this 'spank free holliday' is over! It has been fun but never again will I be clear of my husband's twitchy palms!

He has been very keen to get back on the spanking band wagon. He says that our relationship doesn't run as smoothly without him being able to threaten to put me over his knee.

Since it became clear that I was healed from labour (about day 3 post partumn - damn my amazing body), he informed me that we were 'back to normal'.

On Friday I stuck my Vs up at him behind his back, infront of my extended family and children, promoting a laugh from my Dad's girlfriend. I feel terrible about it. It was unkind and disrespectful, not to mention a terrible example to set for our children.

And so, within the hour, when he gets back from work, the inevitable will happen!

My memory is a little hazy, am I right in saying a spanking is like a gentle cuddle on a warm sumner's day? Help me out ladies, I think my memory is correct...

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

DD blog land, not always as it seems

Two and a half years ago I started this blog.

I was in a different place then and so was my husband.

We had dabbled with Dd for 2 years or so and were still really finding our feet.

At the time I was very much involved in the online Dd community and was rather obsessed with reading blogs and interacting with other people.  I found it really hard to live a life that was private. I wanted my friends to know. I wanted to meet others. I wanted to be able to be open about it and not worry that my husband would be judged.

Now, a few years down the line Dd no longer defines us. I remember reading a post by redbootywoman. She said that Dd didn't define her it was just something she and her husband did.

That is the same with us. It's no more newsworthy than how we do our food shopping or mow the lawn, it's just us and how we live.

But back in the day I was obsessed with writing this blog and gaining readers. I wrote it in a way that I had learnt from reading other people's.

Now the earlier posts slightly embarrass me. I have gone through and edited a lot of them, so that they more correctly represent us now in Dd.

We also didn't live our own Dd journey. I think I was concerned about doing it 'the right way' instead of allowing my husband to find his own path. I would send him links and show him articles and so we ended up copying a framework of punishments and implements that really didn't suit us.

It seems so strange to think about it now. It was almost like we were living in a strange world, acting out a play even? We were trying to be something we weren't.

I also didn't blog in the early days about how difficult it was sometimes. About the reality of DD and the struggle of me giving up any dominant tendencies. I was more obsessed with blogging in the same way as I had read.

I wish in the early days someone had told me, 'Dd is your own path and you have to do it how it suits you'.
'don't copy other people's example, don't compare yourselves, don't pressure yourself that you aren't doing things in the same way as other people'.

Just like all aspects of our relationship it needs to grow and flourish on it's own and it will soon become the norm, just as it has for my husband and I. I don't need to try and be submissive anymore, it is just normal.

Also it's important to realise that blogs that we read aren't necessarily the true picture of an entire relationship, it is just the picture that the blog writer wants you to see. Don't try and emulate that picture, the chances are that it isn't an accurate one anyway.

Just a thought.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Boss

I was lucky to have had an amazing labour.

It was quick an easy and relatively painless...maybe I have forgotten already! I am lucky that all of my children have come out themselves, no pushing required.

This time I stood up and the midwife caught her. Last time I went to the loo and I caught her! ;)

After the birth in our local hospital, it is tradition for a nurse to bring you tea and toast in bed. Everyone says it is the best thing. After all that work it is the tastiest toast in the world and the most delicious tea you will ever taste.

This birth was no different. The nurse offered my husband and I tea and toast.
He asked for coffee and within ten minutes a tray was brought into our room.

Within two minutes I noticed that the mugs had different designs on. One was a mug from some animal charity and the other, I kid you not, was black with giant letters on.

I looked at him. He looked at me.

'Which one has the tea in?' I said. Trying to stop myself from laughing.

He went up to the mugs carefully as if one could explode at any time.

He sniffed both cups, then there was a long delay.

'Clearly, they don't understand the dynamic of our relationship', he said, diligently handing me my tea in 'the BOSS' MUG.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Baby no.3 is finally here

On Tuesday I gave birth to our final baby girl. It was perfect really. An hour of relaxed hypnoborthing in my wonderful man's arms. He stroked and relaxed me. Took total charge over keeping me calm. Our amazing midwife and friend was there throughout too.

After 10 mins of gas and air I stood up and out popped my little girl. It was very quick and relatively straightforward.  She had to spend some in special care after having some fluid on her lungs but we are now just waiting to be discharged and then our family of five can start on our new journey.

Daddy is very much looking forward to taking 'his girls' home. He says he wants us all under one roof where he can protect us.

Thank you for still reading after my absense. Life has been a little hectic.


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

7 days to go

In a week's time I will be in hospital having my third and final baby.

I can't believe we are here already.

My poor beloved is rather itchy palmed these days. We left it 3 months between having this baby and the last and he is feeling rather spankingly frustrated! Not in a sexual way, he just would rather 'things return to normal!'

I can't help but giggle when he seems frustrated.  Of course that means that he is likely to come down pretty hard after baby is here.  He says he will need to 'reassert our roles in the marriage'. So I am guessing I had better watch my step!

I recon I can be a very submissive wife and there will be no need for him to punish me! What do you think?...He isn't convinced.

I will give it a bloody good go though!

See you on the other side!