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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The effect of my man

It's funny but the more I love and respect my man and the more I make way for his leadership in our marriage, the less he has to do to maintain our status quo.

Today we were shopping in the hardware shop for bits and bobs for the house. 

He said he needed drill bits and I patronisingly asking him if he meant he had lost them and was buying more as it was easier.

'No I need a different size'. He said. This was at the till just as we were about to pay.

I looked heaven wards and said, 'You have lots of sizes you have juts lost them, you are being lazy'.

He carried on buying drill bits and then we left the shop.

Outside he asked me to come to him so he could say something quietly to me in the street.

I had no idea he was about to tell me off, I thought he was about to say something about someone in the shop.

'Listen, if you ever embarrass me or patronise me like that again in public, I will put you over my knee, pregnant or not, do you understand?' He said.

I was so taken aback, I hadn't noticed.

I said I was sorry and we walked to the car. At that moment I could have cried. I am not sure why. I felt terrible. I think I didn't expect it and was also embarrassed and saddened by the fact that I had humiliated him

But I was so taken a back by my reaction.  I felt terrible. There was no need to do anything further on his part as I was mortified for upsetting him.

It's amazing really how different things are four years down the line.

It works though and that's what matters.

I love and respect his leadership and I really don't want to ever be one of those women who laugh at their husbands in public.  But it looks like he won't let that happen anyway!