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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Pregnancy hormones and Dd

I have been really horrible lately.

I blame the poisonous chemical running through my veins - hormones.

It's like PMS on steroids!

I have been angry

I've shouted 

I've stamped my feet

And have been an all round pain in the arse!

My poor husband just hasn't known how to deal with me.

During the last pregnancies he has tried and failed and this time has decided to take decisive action.

He has decided not to stop spanking me but instead has devised a method that he believes will be less dangerous for our new baby.

I'm bent over the sofa, not over his knee and he uses a very stingy spatula! 

He thinks its less impactive than his ginormous hands.

Because it is so stingy it doesn't last very long. But yikes does it chafe!

He is being incredibly dominant and isn't taking anything at all. 

I think it is a good idea in theory but boy do I have to watch my step!

He has told me he wants me to be the perfect example of a submissive wife! We shall see if I can manage that and be pregnant at the same time. I will keep you posted.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Another parking ticket and he makes a mistake

Last week my darling man informed me that we were in debt.

He takes care of all the money. I don't even know what council tax costs and only just discovered that water and sewage is paid as one bill! I feel ashamed that I know little but every time I ask he tells me that I don't need to worry and that it is taken care of.

Our finances are tricky. He is self employed and earns different amounts of money each month. He gets paid on a daily basis in cash, so it is very tricky to budget. Having said that, he hasn't tried.

A few months ago our baby was in hospital with pneumonia. God Bless the NHS! - It cost us nothing and the care was exquisite as it always is with kids.  The problem was that we both stayed by her bedside for a week and didn't go to work. Neither of us get sick pay so we lost £500 in lost earning, plus the cost of eating at the canteen every day (we did get free tea, coffee and toast thanks to the lovely British tax payers and our baby was fed for free).

I knew that we were now into our overdraft, so I emptied my savings of what little I had to pay for the loss but it barely touched it.

Then came Christmas and birthdays and an extravagant and generous husband taking us out for lunch and coffee. Then last week he told me that we were in debt. A lot of it. £2500.

I couldn't believe it. I really had no idea. I knew work was tight over January but when I asked he just told me we had to be careful.

He sold something of his which was very precious and irreplaceable to cover most of it. And it was so sad to watch him do that. It was like he was punishing himself. I was very upset to see him do it. And he didn't tell me until it was gone.

It feels like I have been kept in the dark about a lot of this. He is very low over the whole thing and it is hard to see. He hasn't really talked about it. He is hiding away from me and seems to be crumbling.

Then came the parking ticket last week, which he still hasn't dealt with.

Then yesterday I got another one!

I can't believe it! I actually haven't ever had a parking ticket in the last ten years, but now I have got two in one week :(

I got back from a meeting and told him. He went mental at me, in front of the kids which is rare. He really told me off.  Which is the normal circumstances would be right and I would have said sorry and accepted the inevitable. But it was so hard to hear when I felt he had really let me down.

I was in a stinking mood yesterday. I hid myself away in my room and worked on my business. I couldn't dissociate the two actions, me forgiving him for his financial catastrophe and him spanking me for wasting £65 on parking fines.

I got some great advice from other Dd women and have now come to the following conclusions.

1) He is low and feels he has really let us down, by me removing consent and disallowing him from spanking me I am only going to increase those feelings.

2) He is in charge and I need to respect that. I need to remind him that I forgive him and respect him.

3) Two wrongs don't make a right. Me not being spanked for one thing doesn't make his debt any better and they are two separate issues.

So It has taken me a few days to get myself out of this horrible mood but I am finally ready to face the music and talk to him.

I shall keep you posted.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I am back!


I can't say how much I have missed my blog.

I decided to take it down for a while after my sister found it, just to let the dust settle a little.

But I have missed it so much.

Thank you to all of you who went me emails asking where I had gone and for the lovely blogger who even wrote a post about me.  It just shows how many lurkers we have out there!

Well life is pretty much the same around here.  Two kids and one more on the way!

Today I had a majorly bad morning!

It was the first really icy morning. It was so icy here in Southern UK that the inside and outside of my car was iced up. So my normally tight schedule on a Tuesday morning in getting my eldest to preschool and managing to start teaching my class by 9.15 was even tighter this morning.

I rushed to work after deicing my car and getting to and from preschool. I was ten minutes late and so missed a space in the staff car park. I raced to the next car park which is only 50p for the day, didn't want to waste time putting a ticket on my car. Ran to my lesson only to find I was having a lesson observation!

I went into perfect teacher mode flawlessly.

After I left work I found I had a blinking parking ticket!

Seriously the odds were so tiny. It is a car park which is barely a car park at all. It isn't even tarmacked and very far away from town. But there it was nevertheless in it's stupid yellow plastic bag, sat on my windscreen.

'£30 down out of the family finances', or so my husband put it!

So determined to not let my pregnancy prevent him from leading our household in the normal way, my beloved has informed me that he is gonna spank me for it!

I know it won't exactly be standard as he is worried about it affecting our baby, but I think he needs to feel he still has the tools under his belt to do what needs to be done in our house.

I told him that £30 fine from the council is punishment enough, but he didn't agree! Darn it.

Anyway, it is really lovely to be back and blogging again.

I won't be adding quite so many details as before, knowing that my sister is likely to read it, as quite frankly that would be weird!