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Wednesday, 25 December 2013


I made a stupid mistake.

I was chatting to my little sister who is only 14 about the fact that I had a secret blog.

She asked how many hits I had had, so I copied the picture from my blog that states my hit counter.

Little did I know that she was then able to right click it and follow the URL!!!

Oh Holy Moly!

She just told me that she found it! How horrifying!

I can't believe it.

It was so embarrassing when she told me, I held my head under the blanket and refused to come out.

After getting over the horrendous moment that my sister knows my husband spanks me and all the little details, :( we sat her down and explained that we are happy.

She is from a broken home and a very unhappy divorced of our parents is still playing heavily on her mind.

I asked her if she thought we were happy. She said yes, that we were the happiest couple she knows.

I told her that this was an integral ingredient to our happiness.

She is too young to see Dd's potential, but maybe she will ask me about it in years to come!

I am still mortified!

Happy Christmas everyone.


Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Dd and our changing sex life

Before Dd, our sex life had it's ups and downs.

We had times when we might have sex three times a week, or times when we might go a month without it (though that was rare).

Then came Dd. My uber strong husband who took no messing seemed so attractive to me, so manly, so caring, so protective. Quite frankly there was nothing as attractive as a strong man to me.

I also endeavored to not say no to him sexually.

My entire ethos of sex changed.

I realised that by saying no, he felt rejected, like I was saying I didn't love him. He needed to be close to me in this way. 

I now feel it's my duty to please him in every way. By being polite and loving, by being kinds, by trying hard to keep the hormones at bay! And by allowing him full access to my body, as often as he needs.

Don't get me wrong, he doesn't use this to take advantage of me.  He senses by body language and acts accordingly. This means he is more in tune to me and I am more understanding of his sexual needs.

It works for us! 

Yet another pro for our strange Dd lifestyle!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Pregnancy - How to deal with Dd?

This is my third pregnancy (well fifth, but I am hoping this one is successful).

It is really hard to deal with Dd when you are pregnant.

The last time, my hub was of a quandary. He didn't know whether to spank me or not. He was worried that he may do harm to the baby, either physically or by increasing my blood pressure (I have suffered from that in the past).

I have always thought that Dd can work without spanking. I have always thought that a man can be in charge without the tool behind him. And I am sure that would work, but not for us.

He finds it hard when he doesn't have something that he can use, either as a threat or an implication to keep me the loving wife that I am.

The other thing of course is dreaded hormones.

I know many of my Dd friends out there are pre menopausal and I really feel for them. The same hot flushes the same mood swings, but without a baby inside them (and possible spanking protection).

My beloved said something very strange the other day.

I wondered why he hadn't told me off for being rude as he would have done when I am not pregnant.

He said. 'I know that isn't my loving wife talking, it's your hormones.'

I was gobsmacked. Does he think that there is an ogre inside me? Maybe I can use this to my advantage.

'No darling, I didn't spend £50 on ebay, it was the hormones'....'No darling I didn't swear at you, it was the hormones'.

Do you think it will work?