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Friday, 19 July 2013

Baby is one month old!

She is here, our lovely, beautiful daughter.

It didn't exactly go as planned.

Well, quite frankly that is a huge understatement!

A month ago one evening, when I was a week over due, my daughter woke me up in the middle of the night crying.

I though it was strange, as it rarely happens.  I went into her room and sung her back to sleep.

I felt odd, strange feelings down below, but nothing to suspect that I might soon be in labor.

I sat in bed and my waters broke, all over the bed.

I walked downstairs to call my husband, who was on his way back from work, and in the time it took me to go downstairs, I was in full blown labor.

My husband arrived within ten minutes and began filling the pool.

Ten minutes later I screamed for him to come upstairs as my labor was very intense with barely any gaps between contractions.

He came upstairs.

'I need the loo' I said and he sat on the bath and I sat on the loo.

I then had a sudden need to push, but for a second told my self that I was insane, it had only been 25 minutes since my first contraction.

I stood up from the toilet. Screamed at my husband to call an ambulance and delivered my daughter myself while standing in the bathroom.

I am seriously not joking! My first labor was 21 hours, this one was 30 minutes.

It would have been a dream labor if the story had ended there.

Unfortunately it didn't end there.

Within 30 minutes I was lying on my landing floor surrounded by three midwives and two paramedics who were trying to stop me bleeding at a dangerous rate.

After making me stable, blue lights to hospital and twenty very serious medical professionals around my bedside.  I was rushed to theater to stop my bleeding.

My poor husband was literally left holding the baby.

It was estimated that I had lost over 3 liters of blood and was given a four pint blood transfusion.

A month later and I am much better.  My husband is slightly less traumatized having watched as his wife was critically ill, in shock and in and out of consciousness. And the best part was my daughter is beautiful and lovely at 9lb 2oz at birth!

Life is getting back to a new normal - despite the minimal sleep!

I will keep you all posted.

Take care