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Sunday, 26 May 2013

I'm about ready to drop!

It's two weeks till my due date and life has really slowed down!

I am not very good at sitting still, one of my husband's problems when it comes to controlling me! But as of this week I have been forced to do less.

Less projects, less baking, less running around and meeting different friends each day. Less working, less allotment digging, less everything.

I have even plugged in my television now that I will have time to sit down and watch it.

I stopped working last week, which was a God-send and I am officially waiting for it all to kick off!

We are planning a birth at home, which is very common in the area where I live and we are lucky to have the  facilities here, whereby two midwives will be at home with me when I deliver our new baby.

It is all very exciting.

I shall keep you all posted.

Oh, and Dd? My husband is still in charge.  The home birth actually means that he has lots of control and ultimately makes a lot of the decisions of the big day.

Our entire life is dominated by the fact that baby no.2 is on it's way, but I think he is looking forward to my hormones becoming more stable and me being in a fit state to return back over his knee!