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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Moving house

My life has been crazy over the past 6 weeks.

I am now under two months away from giving birth, my cold that I last wrote about, turned into Flu and serious infection that left me in bed, unable to move for a month.

I am now better, thank goodness but we have just moved house.

We lived in the center of a small town in Dorset and have now relocated to a tiny village in the middle of the country.

My views of a busy town road and street lights have been replaced by horses and rolling fields, it's lovely here, but moving house while this pregnant, has been crazy!

My lovely husband spent a week before we moved painting and striping beams and replacing light fittings and I am now sat in a lovely home.

I was even able to paint clouds and a mural around my daughter's bedroom.

Because I was so ill, I didn't manage to pack very much and my husband was busy doing up the new house and working.  Come moving day, a party of 8 of our friends arrived, the girls packed boxes while the boys moved the furniture and carried the boxes in and out of vans and cars.

One of my friends was packing up my bedroom and just went for it, packing our entire room, including the wardrobes, including everything in the back of my husband's wardrobe!

It only dawned on me when I went back upstairs to see that my room was empty that she must have found our entire spanking implement collection and packed it for us!

When I arrived at our new home I was unpacking boxes.  I pulled the tape off of one to reveal  a pile of my husband's clothes with the following at the top, all neatly placed together; a cane, two switches, a belt, a wooden spoon, a wooden paddle, a garden cane and a rubber spatula!

Holy moly! My friend didn't say anything, but there is no doubt about the fact that she now thinks we are seriously into BDSM!!!

They were all joking that they would find sex toys in my things but my countryside-raised devout catholic girlfriend must have had quite a shock! We shall see if her and I ever speak of it! It will probably come out in years to come over many, many glasses of wine!!!