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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Being Sick

I shall keep this short.

I'm sick.

I spent the day running around.

First a play date, then pregnancy yoga class, then rushed home and baked lemon curd and raspberry madeleines, which look yummy.  Then, right before the baby sitter was due to come round and I was ready to go to my weekly girl's evening, my cold morphed into flu.

I am now sat in bed feeling horrible and thoroughly sorry for myself.

And to make it worse, my big man put his foot down (he actually said, 'I am putting both feet down!) and stopped me from going out, to be honest I wouldn't have made it out of the door.

It is all good and well that he said that I had to stay home, but now he has run off to host a radio show and I am sat in bed, with not enough energy to get downstairs to make food and I am hungry :(.

Does anyone want to come round to mine and make me some tea? Anyone?.....



Friday, 1 March 2013

You will do as you're told...

'Oh, just do as you're told'

Said the wife to the husband...

Wait wife? Really? - I hear you cry.

Well certainly in those marriages where the wife walks all over her poor weak husband, who feels demoralized and lacking in confidence every time she does.  Surely though, not in a marriage such as mine, where my man rules the roost and I pride myself on submission.

Well... ummm.... maybe I did let this sentence slip out the other night! oops! the second I did I was horrified.

Picture the scene.

My itchy-handed husband, tall, sometimes scary, though loving, was sat on the bed planning the refurbishment of an old child's bike for our daughter's birthday.

I was stood watching him doing it, wanting to interfere, telling him how to sand it down, how to put on the primer, what lacquer to use.

It isn't my fault really.  I was raised by my father, the DIY God, who rebuilt our childhood homes himself, plumed in the central heating, bathrooms, replaced the roovs and plastered.

When my friends were playing with Barbie dolls, I was stripping paint, spacing tiles and staining wood.

My husband however do I put this...more of a thinker, an artist and certainly not a DIY-er.

In all honesty in the past he has struggled to hang a picture.

So when I asked him to help me convert an old wooden bicycle, I understandably had my doubts.

So we were sat in the bedroom and he was questioning all of my decisions of how to convert the bike, despite having little prior experience in DIY.

Without thinking I realised the words, 'Oh would you just do as you're told' came out of my mouth.

He stood there staring and horrified.

I couldn't help myself.  I was so shocked and stunned that I had probably said the worst thing to wind up my husband that I sat there giggling nervously.


I was over the end of the bed, faster than you can say 'paddle'.

And you know what, the bike was glorious!

Next time I shall keep my trap shut!