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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Love your Lurkers

I thought I would jump on the band wagon and encourage YOU, yes YOU, out there reading my blog to say hi. I get a lot if hits, but the majority of readers are invisible to me.

So I emplore you, come and say hi,  introduce yourself, tell me what you love or don't love about my blog and accept a massive thank you from me for stopping. by and reading.



Monday, 12 November 2012

Trust makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

I have been thinking over the past few days about the act of undressing prior to a spanking.

A lot of women have been asking over the net  whether the husband does or should do it and why such choices are made.

For us and it is of course a personal choice, my husband removes my clothes (sometimes just the bottom half, sometimes everything), but there are always two certainties about our routine,

1) I will definitely be completely but-naked from the waist down,
2) He will be doing the undressing.

I didn't really see the importance or the implications of this until recently.

The other day when he asked me to come and stand in front of him, I did so calmly and respectfully, and stood waiting for the inevitable.  At this point the very act of allowing him to undress me, giving myself to him to use as he needs, is so important.

Of course in this instant I am about to give myself to him for punishment but it is in no different to when we are about to make love.  In both instances, I give my body fully to him.  It feels like I am his, to do with as he wishes and needs.

I know many thousands of women would be horrified at this but it feels incredible.

In doing this, I am saying, 'here is my body, I trust you unconditionally to do what is best for us' and even though he is about to punish me, I know that it is for my own good, or for the good of our marriage and a part of it feels right.

That trust and that gesture of trust makes me feel so warm inside, it feels like I have my eyes closed and am about to fall backwards off of a high mountain, knowing that without question, he will always be there to catch me.

So that is why I go to him and stand there as he undresses me, it is a sign and a symbol of my love and adoration.


Friday, 9 November 2012

My Broken iPod and it's consequences

As a younger gal' I was very hot headed.  I would fly off the handle at most things, I was blunt and spoke my mind, to the point of inadvertent rudeness.

I never intentionally hurt people, it is just that my mouth would seemingly work much quicker than my brain.

My darling boy however has 'helped' me to rectify this, and I am now much better at thinking before I speak.

However, yesterday when we were driving to the supermarket, my mouth ran away from me, and I was left in a similar position in our bedroom.

Let me explain what happened. On route to do the weekly shop, I was feeling rather Christmasy, so I delved into the glove compartment of the car, that I share with my husband, to search for my iPod.

On finding it I was horrified to see that the screen had been broken.

'YOU'VE BROKEN MY iPOD', I screamed at my husband...

Rewind 20 minutes and you may begin to understand the fuel for my rage. During the car journey, my husband had reached into the glove compartment to find something and couldn't shut the door.  He slammed and slammed it, hoping that the catch would engage but no joy.  He finally realised that something must have been stuck in it and so delved in, moved some things out of the way and it finally closed.

Fast forward again to my broken iPod screen and the part of the screen broken, just so happens to be in the same shape as the glove box door.

Now you could easily jump to conclusions here and I did but I did so with fury and no respect what so ever.

'YOU'VE BROKEN MY iPOD', I screamed at my beloved.

Rational as ever he replied calmly, 'calm down darling, I didn't break your iPod'.

Instead of explaining calmly, I allowed my upset for my broken iPod and the reality that I couldn't afford to replace it, to fuel my screams. To add insult to injury, my protests came out in one long, loud ramble of utterings, in front of our daughter.


'DON'T SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT' Bellowed my husband.



He slammed on his brakes and without saying anything, turned the car around and drove home.

He then parked the car outside of the house (on double yellow lines), put on his hazzard lights (yeah I bet, the hazard being my fuming husband!!).

'Get out of the car' he said in a scarily calm tone.  He unclipped our daughters seatbelt and took her into he house, where I sheepishly followed.

I sat on the sofa, while he turned on the television for our child to be occupied.

'Go up stairs' he commanded, his tone still stone cold and emotionless.

I sat in our bedroom, waiting for the inevitable, filled with two emotions, 1) fear for what was to come, and 2) utter confusion as to how I had allowed my mouth to get so out of control.

I don't need to go into details but lets say he helped me to 'switch' my attitude using a method of the same name.

Afterwards as he cuddled me he whispered into my ear.

'I didn't intentionally break your iPod, I will fix it.

Wow, how differently our afternoon could have gone, heho, we live and learn!

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Stop sending me anti-Dd messages

OK.  I recently hit 100,000  blog views, so THANK YOU to all you lurkers.

But this also means that I am now a lot more visible on google.

That means that people who have never even heard of Dd stumble across my site.

I have subsequently started receiving more and more anti Dd comments and messages, telling me that I am some sort of crazy religious nut job, an abused wife, our I am out of my mind.

It's funny really that some of these people think that I am in some one-of-a-kind marriage, alone in this lifestyle.

They often start their messages with, ' I've never heard of this before'.

What is so hard to understand? I believe my husband leads our family and every now and then, instead of having a blazing and un unproductive row, when I do something unacceptable, he puts me across hits knee.

Do you think it's due to the fact that I don't spend the time on my blog also writing about how normal our lives are? Yes we too forget to take out our rubbish on bin day, sometimes set off the fire  alarm with the toaster and bite our fingernails when we hope no one is looking.

Perhaps I should mention more about how happy our life is. How we laugh together 20 times a day, how we can spend hours cuddling on the sofa enjoying silence, just listening to each other's breathing and how we are each other's best friend and soul mate.

We are, to the untrained eye, your average, blissfully happy, 31 and 26-year-old couple, who were lucky enough to find each other.  The only difference is, my husband leads. He takes no rubbish from anyone, especially his wife. He treats me like his queen. He adores and spoils me, he makes me feel lived and adored and cherished. maybe I should say more about that on my blog.

Darling, I love you, thank you.