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Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mick at Husbandly Touch

Mick at HishusbandlyTouch has moved.

He and his lovely wife are now at

If you don't know who he is, click on the link, it's the best Dd blog written from a man's perspective that I have ever come across.



Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Dd - more common that you think!

I have a friend who is struggling at the moment.

About a year and a half ago she split up from her husband and recently has been living with another friend of ours, but they too have now separated.

It is really sad to see friends who have not been able to find love and hapiness with somebody special.

A few weeks ago her and I spent the day together and then went out for pizza in the evening.

She has always known that my husband is in charge of my marriage, she has even whitnessed him repramanding me, but I had never spoken to her about spanking.

We were sat drinking cider and eating wood fired, organic pizza, when she said 'I'm never going to find anyone'

'Of course you will' I said.

'No I won't, not like my ex husband"

Confused I said 'What do you mean?'

'He was strong, he didn't let me get away with anything. That's what I need.' She said. 'But the problem is, I wasn't very good at doing as I was told'.

Of course this shocked me. I had, up until now, had no idea of the real reason behind her unhappiness in relationships.

I couldn't help but ask, 'What would have happened if you didn't do as you were told?'

'You know,' she said blushing. 'He would...punish me.'

Literally at that moment my world stood still. For years I lived with a seemingly unrealistic hope that one day a friend would tell me they were also in a Dd relationship.

'Punished?' I said. 'How?'

'You know...' She said. 'He would...' And turning an even darker shade of crimson she said, 'spank me'.

I was so astonished I couldn't even coment. I sat there giggling.

After an eternity I said. 'Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. You know that is what J does don't you?'

And without hesitation she said, 'I know, I thought you knew I knew, I hinted enough.'

I was flabbergasted.  I had spent years feeling isolated and one of my friends was a spanked wife all along.

I hadn't even realised. It was under my nose.

The problem was though that my lovely friend and her husband had never had a discussion about it. He had never sat her down and discussed his expectations in their marriage. He would simply ask her to do X and Y and if she didn't comply, over his knee she went!

It must have been very confusing for her. She didn't even know the name of the relationship she was in, or that there were thousands of people online to chat with about it.

It just goes to show that Dd is everywhere. I wonder how many other people in my town live this way!

Perhaps I should place an advert in the local paper, 'Are you a spanked wife?'

Hmmm I wonder how many people would get the wrong impression!!

Monday, 8 October 2012

I vow to give my husband everything

When I got married, it didn't cross my, or my husband's mind to use the vow 'Love honor and obey' within our ceremony.

For anyone who isn't familiar with UK civil ceremonies you can pretty much do what ever you like within the ceremony.

We had my ukulele-playing sister serenade us, poetry read by my mother in law, we wrote our own soppy vows and got married among lakes filled with waterlilies.

This isn't my wedding, but it is the venue!

But when it comes to the legally binding words, you have one of a list of options.  I seem to remember an option with 'obey' in the title, but I can't remember exactly.

If I had had that option, there is no way we would have done that in front of our friends and family.

We chose the contemporary option, whatever that was.

But recently as my friends have also been getting married, I have been thinking about our vows and what they really mean to me now.

At the time I don't think they were that important to me, the day was and the very fact that I was marrying my soul mate was, but not the legally binding words.

I now believe that I should give everything of me to my husband.  I know it is controversial, not so controversial within the Dd community but still certainly controversial.

I believe that as my husband, the Big Boss Man has full control of everything but he also has the control to delegate and he does, often.

I believe that he has the right to protect his family, even if it is from themselves!

I believe that he has the right to my body, to punish it as he sees fit and to make love to it when he wishes.  Does that mean he takes the liberty when I don't want to give him my body? Of course not but he has the choice to take on that responsibility.

If I were to get married tomorrow, I think my vows would read,

I vow to honour and obey you, as best I can and respect your judgement at all times.
I vow to give everything of me to you and to trust you in everything.
I promise to stand by you at all times, no matter what.

That is certainly how I feel, though I think my friends and family would have been horrified!


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Christian Domestic Discipline Comedy

I was directed to this link on youtube of an Australian Comedian talking about CDD.  I thought it was hilarious, keep watching and you will eventually see a CDD couple in the US talking through how to deliver a spanking.  It is very funny.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Coming home

I have spent the last week in London, alone.

My husband wasn't there.

I was working and socialising so much that there were days when he would call and I would only have time to say a quick 'I love you, sleep well'.

I really did burn the candle at both ends.

By day I was working hard helping to run a prestigious art gallery in Mayfair and by night I was meeting up with all my friends and family who I hadn't seen in months.

I had a great time but I am now exhausted.

In just a month I managed to meet two new Dd friends, stay with two different cousins, an aunty and second cousin, attend two champagne gallery parties, see the Beach Boys in their reunion tour, have lunch with three university friends, attend a friend's hen party and see countless other friends.

I am now completely and totally exhausted.

On a positive note though, being so busy has meant that there hasn't been a spare minute to feel down.

On my way home on the train my husband called me.

'I can't want for you to come home', he said. 'I need you here'.

'Do you feel better when I am with you where you can protect me?'

'Yes'. He said, without hesitation.  'I haven't had to trust you for so long without me being their to look after you, for years'.

'I know'. I said. 'I'm coming home now so you can'.

'Good'. He said. 'We can have our family back together, the way it should be'.

My man had a point.  There is only so much gallivanting you can do when you are a wife and mother and I certainly did feel guilty about it.

So I am now home, the house is immaculate, I have been in bed on time and have been loving and courteous -  and boy does it feel good! I am not cut out for the London-thing any more.

Pre-marriage I would spend all week working in London but now, I have to admit, although it was lovely to be there and working in a setting that I don't often work in, I missed the country, I missed my home comforts, I missed my house but most of all I missed my darling daughter and loving, protective husband.

The question is, after so many days of freedom, where I could pretty much go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to (within reason), how easily will I be able to fit back into our little marital bliss?

It has felt pretty natural so far and I am rather shocked at how natural it has felt.

We shall have to see.

My darling man does seem to be waiting for any excuse to remind me of who is boss, so I had better watch out!

But it is very very good to be home!